Ranjit Singh

Senior Researcher,
AIMLab, AI on the Ground, Data & Society

I am a senior researcher at Data & Society, focused on qualitative research for the Algorithmic Impact Methods Lab (AIMLab) and a research fellow with Siegel Family Endowment. I also help guide research ethics at the Data & Society (D&S) Research Institute and sustain equity in collaborative research practices both internally and with external partners. 

My work broadly examines the everyday experiences of people subject to data-driven practices. Most people find themselves at the receiving end of data-driven systems, but this does not mean they have no agency. I am particularly interested in following the ordinary ethics of exercising this human agency in navigating everyday struggles of dealing with data-driven systems.

My research sits at the intersection of data infrastructures, majority world scholarship, and public policy for data-driven systems, and uses methods of interview-based qualitative sociology and multi-sited ethnography.

Email: ranjit [at] datasociety [dot] net.

Research Interests

and topics that my work considers and explores

AI Infrastructures

Matters of scale in infrastructuring AI into everyday life.

Majority World

Mapping how majority world scholars engage with data and AI.

Public Policy

Impact assessments as a regulatory regime for algorithmic systems.


The craft of storytelling and the practice of listening.

Ordinary Ethics

Grounding ethics in everyday experiences of living with data.

Research Equity

Reciprocity of care in equitable collaborations.