Ranjit Singh

Postdoctoral Scholar | AI on the Ground | Data & Society

I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at the AI on the Ground Initiative of Data & Society Research Institute. I study the intersection of data infrastructures, global development, and public policy. I am currently leading a research project on and collaborating on building a research community around mapping the conceptual vocabularies and sites of AI in the Global South.

How do infrastructures mediate the relationship between visions of data-driven governance and the everyday experiences of data subjects? While for most infrastructures work the same way, for others they break down in uneven and distributed ways. This uneven distribution is at the heart of current struggles over fairness, accountability, and justice in data-driven public policy design. I study this unevenness by conducting empirically grounded investigations of the features and limits of infrastructuring digital technologies in the lives of data subjects. 

Email: ranjit [at] datasociety [dot] net.